Monday, 23 April 2018

Math inquiry

This week and last week, we had a math inquiry. It has a lot of question and you have to write the first thought , process , findings,  evidens and other questions. I was doing with my friends and we took a video and draw a picture.


Taday, we finaly set up our booth. My group's booth looks so good and we could decorate well.
Tomorrow , we have presentation and I feel little bit nurvous but I'll do my best.
I made decoration a lot and also my group helped me.

See you and please come to our exhibition!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Hi. Today I'm going to tell you about today's assembly.
Today, we had a assembly and grade 5 presented about PYPX.
I spoke about guest speakers. I think It was good! I could say clearly and slowly so that everyone can hear me. Also my group is doing so well because we finished information report, print out what we needed and we decided to who say what. We could make decoration things and we have field trip to Vinh Tien school ( Hoa vinh ). I really excited about field trip!!!!


Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Hello. This week is the last week we can work for PYPX. We only have 5 days until PYPX presentation. Today ( Tuesday ), we had rehearsal and I spoke about guest speakers. I doing that because It is Volunteer from grade 5 students and my coordening teacher asked me about that and I interested. Also I feel nervous because I can't speak English so well but I'll do my best!!!

My group will have field trip for Vinh Tien school and help children and ask questions little bit.
We already decided about what we will do for children and what we will ask.
I feel really good and confidence for PYPX but my group has to be done the posters and print out stuff. I can't wait for PYPX!!

Also we will sing a song called " This is me " from Greatest show man. I really like this song because It has good words and if I listen it , I can feel better.

   ← This is video of " This is me "

See you next time!!                                                  

Friday, 13 April 2018

On Friday

On Friday, something came my class....
It is " RECYCLED PLASTIC BORD" It is looks blue colour and big.
It is from our plastic trash ( let's say single use plastic ) and other kind of plastic.
I really like that blue and it is sturdy. I really want to show you that.
I want to buy recycle plastic machine.

Also my class had birthday cakes!! It was Hai Nam's birthday.
We counted 1 to 11 and said " Happy Birthday"
We had a birthday cake but it has plastic plate. Most people don't like to use plastic , so we used paper. Few people still used plastics...


Thursday, 12 April 2018

PYPX - A Plastic Ocean group

Today we had a assembly and some of our grade 5 students group called " A plastic ocean " presented a plastic ocean. They are 4 people in the group and all elementaly school students listen to them. It was very short presentation but it was good. I already watched the documentary at AVAILLL time , so I know that story but that movie represents so  much important things.

I think they worked hard and made a lot of preparation.

Image result for preparation.  bye!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Hello! This week we of course have PYPX!
This week we started PYPX specialists. We need to decide class like art, music, world language, TIG and PE. My team decided we will take art. Because we are going to make a picture book.
I think we doing well because Amelia could write a story of our book and I draw pictures at art time and Emiri colouring so good. Sometimes we help each other because always doing fast and good.
We just need to go to mentor meeting because we didn't do that two weeks....😱but we are fine.

Some groups are started to catch the trash ( like plastics and plastic bottles ) .
I saw a people who got gloves and big trash bag. I just heard that some group going to collect pet bottles because they want to know how many pet bottles in the ocean and rivers for people who are listen to their presentation.

This week we changed time tables. We had PE on Monday , so some people forgot swimming shirt.
I knew that we have PE on Monday because Ms. Tina sended a E mail. Also my mother told me that we changed time table because of PYPX. I really sad about art because we usually we have two period but we have only have one period every week. I have two period of PE just on Monday and we have music on Thursday and Friday.

One of my friend don't have PE and art. I am lucky to have art and PE every week.

Image result for PYPXSee you next time!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2018


How was your spring break? My spring break was awesome❤
First weekend was good. I stayed home and just chilling, eating , sleeping and watching TV..
I went to gym for my healthy and refreshing my brain.
Second week was so fun!!!!!! I went to Singapore three days ( two night ) . First day I saw Merlion.
Image result for marlion Looks like this...
It was very hot day for me because I don't like hot! Merlion was very awesome and big.
Second day I also saw a Merlion but It was night when I went there. View was very beautiful and so clean air😉 I ate local foods. It is called Raksa ( first picture ) and Hokkien mee ( second picture ).
Image result for Raksa singapore local foodImage result for hokkien mee singapore local food

Image result for merlion night I really want to live in Singapore!! They have Japanese foods , Singapore local foods , Korean foods ( instant noodles ) and other kinds of foods.
Also they have a lot of shopping center and hotels.

I noticed that there was no smoking and no car noise by low. I was really impressed. I think Hanoi will do that in the future.

See you next time on  my blog.


On Friday we had a sports day!!
First we went to your team ( Lion, Tiger , Eagle, Buffalo ) and we danced with a song.
Also our PE teacher and homeroom teacher danced!!!
My team lost first place but it was very fun activity!!!

Friday, 30 March 2018


On Thursday , we had a guest speakers.
That time our guest speaker is Mr. Henderson.
He is from America and he doing American programs.
His action is to help around the world.
First he went to the Philippines.
Some children don't have good education. They only have little pencil and notebook.
He asked American programs to build a library.
America donated money and book.( about 1000kg books go to Philippines. )
From that time, children can learn a lot.

His second time was Sutu ( South Africa )
Issues are ...

- No electricity
- No AC
- In the school, they don't have toilet
- Don't have electricity in the school
- It is hard to get water because they don't have water dump.

He asked company , organisation and  American programs.
He made water bump. He thought that if they have fish, they can eat and  sell fish. Also if they have duck, it is very cool.
He asked American embassy. Finally he made it.
Third, he made toilet for school. Because toilet is very important things.
He made  6 toilets for students.

One day he thought " What about water? " and he made water tank and water pipe.

I thought he did a lot of things even he thought hard. For me, It was great presentation.  I want to help the world. Also I want to help animals.

See you next time

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


This time, I'm going to reflect my PYPX group.
Last week, my group started to draw a reflection chart.
I feel confidence about PYPX because my group have action and we done a information report ( we just need to write conclusion and interview things. )
Also my group going to go to Blue Dragon. I'm excited about how people learn and how Blue dragon teach or get money.

See you next time!!

Math inquiry

This week and last week, we had a math inquiry. It has a lot of question and you have to write the first thought , process , findings,  evid...